I'm Xenia Tym,
originally from Ukraine
I live in Barcelona since 2000.

I have a Master's Degree in Fashion Design,

studies in International Commerce,

Prollect Management and Organization of Cultural Events.

I am Artist, Poet, Writer, Expert in Dolls-Amulet of Slavic Tradition.

In 2011, I made a collection of all the possible copies of Amulet-Dolls

of the Slavic Tradition and wrote the book "Código Muñeca" (Code Doll).

While working on this collection, I organized many exhibitions and creative doll-amulet workshops. During this time, I had incredible stories in my life and in the lives of those who made these dolls.

All these experiences convinced me that, an object, done with dedication and good cheer, keeps the energy capable of turning it into a fetish.

Submerged again in the creation of fashion,
I want to continue developing these valuable teachings, applying them in fashion collections with the symbolic and positive energy.

In 2018, Xenia Tym has committed itself as an international fashion brand, with the aim of presenting exclusive fashion collections to the market with Luxury and Premium positioning.

The purpose of the Xenia Tym brand,
 is to offer a wide range of products:

• Different lines

• Mixed, expressive and independent style

• Effortless design y product made with love and

enjoyment through the process

                  Welcome to the world of Xenia Tyms creations                                                               made for you

                             with a lot of dedication and love.